Large Travel Stop Operator

A company with more than 500 locations in 44 US states, providing professional truck drivers & motorists 24-hour access to clean and safe places to purchase gasoline, diesel fuel, compressed natural gas, travel items, tires, and mechanical parts.


Needed custom mobile applications that connect to SAP & non-SAP systems for customers (truckers) and employees.  They had a backlog of demand from the business on apps, but no quick way to deploy. They needed a more rapid application development capability.


A platform that enabled applications to be built quickly to provide customers an easy to use tool to support them on the road, but also provide the functionality to enhance the efficiency of the back-end processes.

‘Reduced application delivery time by 70-90%’

Applications we have built for this customer:

Truck Service Maintenance

Create Work Order
Work Order Dashboard
Work Order workflow
App Launcher
Data and Security Aggregation
Replenishment and Requestion
Inventory Maintenance
Inventory Count
Roadside Service
Retread and Casing Workflow
Customer Casings Tracker
DOT Inspection Form
Midtrip Inspection Form
Preventative Maintenance Service
Customer Profile
Shift Counts
Tire Delivery Driver App

Hydrocarbon Supply and Trading

Refinery / Supply Outage Maintenance

Retail Operations & Fuel Logistics

Loyalty Drink Redemption
Store Supply Orders (In-Direct)
In House Maintenance Service Orders
Fuel Delivery App (Product Transfer Document)
Vendor Log Tracker


Driver Customer Factoring App
Fleet Customer Factoring Portal
Back Office Dashboard
Document Processing

Real Estate

Site Selection App

Other Customers