Rapid App Werks ShiftCare application revolutionizes the patient scheduling process for field healthcare workers. 

Effortlessly manage your shifts with ShiftCare.

Your all-in-one shift management solution for shift co-ordinators and healthcare workers.

With our native mobile application, patient schedules are intelligently assigned and distributed to field healthcare workers based on location and skill matching. This ensures optimal efficiency and the right healthcare professional for each shift.
Using ShiftCare, the scheduling process is streamlined, eliminating the need for manual co-ordination and optimizing the allocation of healthcare resources, saving time and enhancing the quality of care provided to patients.
ShiftCare is the ultimate companion for field healthcare workers, allowing them to focus on delivering their expertise without the added burden of scheduling logistics.

See ShiftCare in action

Key Features

Real-time visibility

Browse, request and allocate available shifts in real-time

Stay in the loop, always

To keep healthcare workers informed and updated, the mobile app sends text and email notifications for upcoming patient shifts, as well as shift acceptance or denial

Easy to use, centralized view

View and manage all shifts in one place.  Offering a streamlined, simple and user-friendly interface, providing healthcare workers with intuitive features to view and accept upcoming patient shifts.

Record keeping

Access a history of completed shifts for reference and record-keeping

Job site locations

With Google Maps integrated into the application, this provides seamless navigation and directions to patient locations., saving valuable time for healthcare workers and ensures they arrive at each appointment promptly.

Shift completion tracking

Automatically track shift completion or manually mark as completed all from within the mobile application

Paperwork upload

Ability to upload patient forms directly to the app, enabling collaboration and simplifying the documentation process.

Calendar view

A calendar view is available for both shift coordinators and healthcare workers, allowing them to visualize and manage their upcoming patient shifts effectively enabling better co-ordination and planning.

Say goodbye to manual shift scheduling

….and hello to a simplified, efficient, and accurate shift scheduling process.

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