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What does Rapid App Werks do?

Rapid App Werks offer specialized consultancy services for application development.  Our team of experienced professionals work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and challenges.  Together, we will devise effective and innovative solutions to meet your goals and deliver a successful app that meets the demands of todays’ digital landscape.

You talk about building apps using Low-Code, what is Low-Code?

Low-code technology is a modern approach to software development that aims to simplify and accelerate the process of building applications.  It enables developers to create applications using visual interfaces and declarative programming, reducing the need for writing extensive lines of code manually.

I currently have lots of customized SAP applications that are difficult to maintain, how can you help?

We understand the challenges of managing numerous customized SAP applications.  Our team have had to manage these complex scenarios in previous roles!  Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive solutions that optimize the maintenance of your customized SAP applications, reducing complexity and empowering your organization to focus on core business objectives.  


Do you have experience of building apps specific to my industry?

Our experience spans across various industries, having developed application solutions for numerous clients.

For inspiration, feel free to explore our App Gallery, where you can find a showcase of our work.  Additionally, you can read our Customer Stories to discover how we have successfully assisted them in overcoming their unique challenges.  We take pride in our diverse porfolio and look forward to creating tailored solutions for your specific needs.

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