BLOG: Composable Building Blocks for Manufacturing
Daniel Parkhurst
January 27, 2023

Composable Building Blocks for Manufacturing

In 2021, I was privileged to lead a project at very forward-thinking manufacturer to build out re-useable components for future use in Mendix applications yet to be built at the company. The concept was to create a library of custom-styled widgets based on the newly minted company style guide for development. In the end we enabled developers to simply grab the class name from this Mendix starter application we built. This allowed them to quickly implement the custom-styled button, dropdown, text box and many other widgets in their own application. This is a small example of what could be thousands of ways to implement building blocks that can be used over and over again.

Another way Mendix has done this is with templates and connectors. Downloadable page templates exist to make a page look like an SAP Fiori style page. Connectors are available to easily move data back and forth between Mendix and data sources like SAP, AWS, or just a generic sql database. The marketplace for accelerators like this is vast and is ever-growing.

Take a look at this article to read further about how companies can solve 3 modern challenges of Manufacturing using the composable building block concept.

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