BLOG: Outpace or Outpaced?
Daniel Parkhurst
January 18, 2023

Outpace or Outpaced?

A long time ago I used to run sprints with my friends for fun after work. I had one friend who, for the first 35 yards, I would outpace. But inevitably around yard 40, he would use his bionic gear to obliterate me over the next 60 yards. Frustrating. I thought I was in great position to win, but he had a toolset I didn’t have. I got outpaced.

Imagine spending a year building a game changing application for your company just to find that another company in your industry with a similar idea started after you and still beat you to the finish. The effort was there. The team worked hard. They just may have a toolset your company doesn’t have.

Enter low-code/no-code.

What are you doing about the coming low-code/no-code revolution? Gartner estimates that in 2023 more than $26 Billion will be spent on low code/automation technology. $10 Billion of that will be on LCAP (Low Code Application Platforms). In 2024 that number jumps to almost $13 Billion.


Two major factors:

  • Traditional development is too slow for business demand for applications
  • There is a severe developer shortage. 

Low-code tools allow development to shift toward business-minded resources. The ideas and knowledge of what needs to be built is there, why isn’t the development? Application technology is now available so that this shift toward development within the business area is happening. Within the industry it’s called citizen development or democratization of development. It is a clear competitive advantage for those who adopt it.

At Rapid App Werks, we use Gartner magic quadrant leader Mendix to make your outdated, difficult-to-use SAP (or any ERP) platform fly. We’ve built applications for Manufacturing, Hospice, Retail, Consumer Products, and Oil and Gas companies with phenomenal results. We’ve built several standalone applications as well.

We would love to help you get started on your path toward low-code/no-code today. Contact us to learn more