Rapid App Werks Makes Custom Apps Accessible with Mendix
Katherine Codas

Katherine Codas


Does your business feel bogged down by sluggish processes and overflowing inboxes? You’re not alone. Streamlining operations is the lifeblood of success in today’s fast-paced world. Fortunately, custom applications can be a game-changer for any business. The downside? Traditional development cycles can be a slow and expensive nightmare.

That’s where certified Mendix partner Rapid App Werks comes in.

Rapid App Werks is a rapid application development consulting services company that develops customized software solutions through low-code app development. They empower businesses by building valuable applications for them without the long wait or the ridiculous costs.

My Story: From Writing to Learning Low-Code Development

Transitioning from writer to app builder wasn’t exactly on my career bingo card. But that’s one of the things about Rapid App Werks that makes them different – they empower their entire team (even the non-developers) and encourage them to grow and truly learn the ins and outs of low-code development. So as Rapid App Werks’ newest writer, I underwent training that included enrolling in the “Become a Rapid App Developer” course offered by Mendix Academy.

The Academy’s 10-module curriculum, coupled with Rapid App Werks’ hands-on training style, meant even newbies like me (with very minimal coding experience) were up and running with Mendix in no time. The same goes for our newest developers, King Caringal and Karl Baldelomar, who were used to traditional coding that took more time.

“The Mendix Academy and Rapid App Werks training made developing solutions super quick,” King shared. He loves how Mendix lets them deliver results fast.

“The training wasn’t just about apps,” Karl added. “It was about building confidence as a developer.” He credits the supportive environment at Rapid App Werks for helping them learn from mistakes and become more creative problem-solvers for clients.

The Power of Collaboration and Support

The Power of Collaboration and Support

One of the most impressive aspects of my experience was the exceptional support provided by Rapid App Werks. While relatively quick compared to traditional methods, my Mendix training as a non-coder was still not without hurdles. At some point, I’ve spent several hours trying to get a function to work. Fortunately, I had the Rapid App Werks team to rely on. It was through these collaborations that I truly grasped the power of combining low-code development with the right partner.

Karl shares on working with Rapid App Werks, “I felt like I had a great group of people supporting me. I could try new things, mess up, and learn without worrying about getting in trouble.”

The Rapid App Werks Advantage: Speed and Expertise

“Mendix has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me! It’s so easy to turn ideas into fully functioning applications,” Karl happily shares.

Low-code platforms like Mendix are a game-changer for businesses and individuals alike, allowing us to create innovative solutions without getting bogged down with complex coding. And when you pair that with the expertise of a company like Rapid App Werks, you’ve got a winning combination.

King adds, “It’s been rewarding to see how quickly we can deliver solutions, thanks to the efficiency of the Mendix platform.”

Think about it. With Mendix and the right partner, businesses can create custom apps for their needs in a fraction of the time traditional methods take. Without the high costs and long wait, you can streamline operations such as:

  • Automating tasks and freeing up your team’s time for what matters.
  • Boosting communication and collaboration with real-time data access.
  • Leveling up your customer experience with personalized interactions and mobile-friendly apps.

Rapid App Werks is always a step ahead in the industry, focusing on what truly matters: continuous learning and rapid app development that creates solutions to improve business operations across various industries.

Ready to Transform Your Business with Custom App Solutions?

Contact Rapid App Werks today and discover how Mendix and our rapid development approach can help you achieve your goals 10x faster and more efficiently. We’ll turn your vision into reality – quicker than you thought possible.